Do you remember Saturday nights in Pittsburgh? Do you remember "Chilly Billy" Bill Cardille and Channel 11's Saturday Late Show Chiller Theater?
Chiller Theater was Pittsburgh's favorite place to see Horror, Fantasy, and Science-Fiction movies on television.
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On September 14th 1963 the first episode of "Chiller Theatre" premiered on WIIC, Channel 11 in Pittsburgh. Bill Cardille was the off-screen booth announcer for the show. The first movie shown was "The Brain From Planet Arous" and it had a Saturday afternoon start time of 3:00 p.m.
The above advertisement from the Pittsburgh Press  was found on microfilm at a local Pittsburgh library. As you can see a Chiller Theater movie was shown on Sunday night as well.
On September 19th 1964 Bill Cardille became the on-screen host of Chiller Theatre and the show moved to Saturday night following the 11:00 p.m. newscast. Bill's  first show as on-screen host  featured "It! The Terror From Beyond Space" followed by "The Screaming Skull".
Unlike the majority of TV Horror Movie Hosts, Bill Cardille didn't wear any "scary" make-up, he appeared as himself, and would come to be known as "Chilly Billy". Throughout the show, he portrayed a variety of characters such as "Captain Bad" and "Maurice The Matchmaker". At the end of the show "Chilly Billy" would be back with his signature signoff, "Good Night and Sleep Warm".
The opening segment of the first shows featured Chilly Billy striking a match and lighting a cigarette. The Laboratory and Castle sets were added later. In 1976, we were introduced to the Chiller Theater Family. The cast included Norman Elder as Norman The Castle Keeper, Donna Rae as Terminal Stare, Steve Luncinski as Stefan The Castle Prankster, Joyce Sterling as Sister Susie, and Bonnie Barney as Georgette The Fudgemaker. 
Chiller Theater was so popular in Pittsburgh and the tri-state area that it kept NBC's Saturday Night Live from airing on Channel 11 (NBC's Pittsburgh affiliate) for four years. Although Chiller Theater remained popular, it eventually lost it's time slot and was forced to follow SNL with a 1:00 a.m. start time.
After more than twenty years on the air, Bill Cardille's Chiller Theater aired it's last episode on New Years Eve 1983. The last two movies that were shown were "The Wolf Man" and
"It Came From Outer Space".
Bill Cardille can currently be heard on the radio at 1320 AM,  WJAS in Pittsburgh. His show airs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. All his fans have great memories of watching Chiller Theater. Thank you Chilly Billy!
Throughout the years Chilly Billy and the Chiller Theater Family have continued to make public appearances, especially around Halloween time. The 1990's saw two Chiller Theater TV specials. The first appeared in 1991 and was called the "Chiller Theater Reunion Special". It featured Chilly Billy and the Chiller Theater Family in various comedy routines as well as some clips from the original show. The second special was called "Chiller Theater, One More Time". This special aired in 1998 with Bill Cardille and special guest George Romero hosting "Night Of The Living Dead".
1)    Dreams
2)    Double Bill

3)   The Pittsburgh Subway System (PSS)
4)    Chilly Billy Sillies
5)    Chilly Billy Quickies

6)   Good Old Days
7)    Mr. Magnificent
8)    Strange But True

9)    The Prophet
10)  Signs, Omens, & Superstitions (SOS)
11)  The All-Purpose Word

12) Trivia
13)  Sheer Torture (Puns)
14)  Maurice The Matchmaker

15) The Bela-Phone
16)  Captain Bad
17)  Bill Views The Movies

18) Personality Profiles
19)  Did You Know?
20)  Radio Oldies

21)  Mess World Contest
22)  Believe It...Or Nuts!
23)  The Break In

24) Ghoul Of The Week
25)  Grafitti Wall
26)  Who Dat? (Puzzle with Clues)

27) Super Blooper
28)  Chiller Kar-Toon
29)  Chillergram (Pictures with Music)

30)  Chillergraphics (Pictures with Captions)
31)  Movie Casting - Re-Cast Current Movies
       With People In The News
32)  Books - Best Selling Book Titles With
       Current News Persons As Authors

33) Chillerisms

The following is a list of Chiller Theater "Bits" that
appeared on the show from 1964 through 1983.
These Chiller bits were conceived and written by
Bill Cardille.

In the early days of Chiller Theatre Channel 11
promotions manager Bob Willis contributed
additional material.