Chiller Theater Memorie's John Buriak makes a visit to
the WPXI Channel 11 studios. Some of the material from
the Chiller Theater Memories website will possibly be used
on WPXI / WIIC TV's upcoming 50th anniversary special.
The special will be aired on this upcoming Labor Day  weekend.

Enjoy these "behind the scenes" photos of the Channel 11
studios. WPXI will soon move into their new facility
located off I-279 at the McKnight Road exit.
Executive producer of local programming
Brian Leopold in the WPXI news studio.
This is the same studio that once
hosted Studio Wrestling
and Chiller Theater (1964-1976).
The studio control room.
Entrance to the studio where
Bill Cardille "Chilly Billy"
hosted Chiller Theater

The large studio doors have
been removed. They are being
refinished and will be installed
at the new Channel 11 studio
The Chiller Theater set
(1976-1984) was
located along the back area
of the studio.
John Buriak standing where the Chiller Theater Castle set once stood.
John Buriak at the original board that
controled the studio lights. This control
board was first used back in 1957 when
WIIC first went on the air!
The exit of the Chiller Theater
Executive producer Brian Leopold
and cameraman George Parfitt
record video of various Chiller Theater
advertisements and photos.
Entrance to the news studio.
Entrance to the
"Pittsburgh Subway System"!
The hallway where Bill Cardille
"Chilly Billy" performed the
legendary segment called
"The Pittsburgh Subway System"!
Chiller Theater Memorie's
researcher John Buriak visits the
Pittsburgh Subway System!
The original organ that was used
in the early days of Chiller Theater.
It still works!
Bill Cardille "Chilly Billy's"
original desk is still in storage!
One last look at the
Chiller Theater studio.
The sun sets on Television Hill.
Special Thanks to Executive Producer of local programming
Brain Leopold and the Channel 11 staff for allowing us
to share these "behind the scenes" photographs of the
WPXI / WIIC television studios.