Here are some photographs and newspaper
clippings from the collection of Bill Cardille!
The Cardille Family: (left to right)
Bill, daughters Lori and Marea,
son Bill Jr., grandaughter Kate,
and wife Louise.
Bill Cardille with children
Lori, Marea, and Bill Jr.
Bill Cardille with his four
brothers and three of
four sisters.
Original business card for
Bill Cardille's first radio show
at Indiana University.
Bill's first television job was at
WICU-TV in Erie, PA
Grocery store advertisement for Tip-Top Cake featuring
"Uncle Billy" from the children's show "Merry Go Round Time".
Tip-Top Cake (and bread) was one of the sponsors for the show.
Who can? American!
American Heating.

Pittsburgh Pirate's Hall of Famer
Pie Traynor and Bill Cardille
on the Chiller Theater
Laboratory set.
Pittsburgh Pirate's Hall of Famer
Roberto Clemente with
Bill Cardille.
Promotional material of Bill Cardille on WIIC-TV
Channel 11 in Pittsburgh. Late 1960's.