Buddy Rogers v.s. Bruno Sammartino
May 17, 1963
Madison Square Garden, New York City

On May 17, 1963 Bruno Sammartino defeated "Nature
Boy" Buddy Rogers to win the World Wide Wrestling
Federation heavyweight championship title. Bruno would
successfully defend and keep his world  championship
title for nearly eight years, a feat no other wrestler has
been able to match. After losing the title to Ivan Koloff in
1971 Sammartino would win back the championship from
Stan Stasiak in 1973. He would successfully defend the
title for three more years until losing a controversial match
against "Superstar" Billy Graham.

The following photographs are from Bruno's championship
match against Buddy Rogers. The match lasted just 48
seconds as Sammartino lifted Rogers up on his shoulders
for a "backbreaker". Rogers surrendered the match and
title to Sammartino.
On June 3, 1963 Bruno Sammartino returned to Pittsburgh's
Civic Arena for his first defense of the championship title. Bruno
met Hans "The Great" Montier for a best of three rounds title match.

The following are newspaper articles from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
They are used here for historical preservation purposes only.
Saturday June 1, 1963

Civic Arena Mat show Complete

Promoter Toots Mondt has completed the card for his all star
wrestling show at the Civic Arena Monday night with the closing
of a match between Frank Holtz of Pittsburgh and Wild Bill
Scholl of Columbus, O.
 Topping the card will be a joust between Bruno Sammartino
and Hans (The Great) Montier for the World Wide Wrestling
Federation title, held by Sammartino.
 In other matches, The Shadow will meet Bobo Brazil; Johnny
Valentine and Ace Freeman will go against the Kangaroos;
Baron Gattoni will oppose two men, Jerry Dorsey and Ivan
Johnny DeFazio will meet Tommy O'Toole. Tickets for the show
are still available at the Civic Arena, Kaufmann's, Horne's, and
the Travel Ticket agency, Penn-Sheraton Hotel.
Bruno Sammartino v.s. Hans "The Great" Montier
June 3, 1963
Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, PA
Monday June 3, 1963

Sammartino Risks Mat Title Tonight

Bruno Sammartino risks his newly-attained World Wide Federation
heavyweight championship when he meets Hans (The Great) Montier,
claimant on the International crown, in the main event of the all-star
wrestling show at the Civic Arena tonight.
 Sammartino won the title by beating Buddy Rogers several weeks
ago. Montier, the husky from Nuremberg, Germany, has been
recognized as the European ruler.
 The Shadow will grapple Bobo Brazil, the giant from Benton Harbor,
Mich., and the Kangaroos from Australia will meet Johnny Valentine
and Ace Freeman, a popular pair, in a tag team match.
 Baron Gattoni, the 310 pounder, will take on two opponents, Ivan
Zukoff and Jerry Dorsey, in a handicap event, with Johnny DeFazio,
Mt. Washington, going against Bull Johnson, Hamilton, Ont., Duke
Hoffman, Buffalo, meeting Tommy O'Toole, Phoenix, Ariz., and
Frank Holtz, Pittsburgh, opposing Wild Bill Scholl, Columbus, O.
 The show will get under way at 8:30. Tickets are still on sale at
Kaufmann's, Horne's, the Civic Arena, and the Travel Ticket Agency,
Penn-Sheraton Hotel.
Tuesday June 4, 1963

Sammartino Retains His Wrestling Crown

Bruno Beats The Great Montier, Two Falls To One, At Civic Arena

 Bruno Sammartino of Allison Park retained his World Wide
Wrestling Federation heavyweight title by scoring two falls over
Hans (The Great) Montier of Nuremberg, Germany, in the main
event of the mat show held at the civic arena last night.
 Montier, 250, was credited with the first fall at 6:37 with a
full nelson. He fell to the floor backwards with Sammartino on
top, and Referee Paddy Grimes gave him the fall.
 Bruno won the next fall with a bear hug at 5:03 and picked
off the clincher when the two repeated their first fall. This time
Sammartino was awarded the pin at 6:17.
 A crowd of 5,376 paid $15,283.42 to watch the show.
 Bobo Brazil, Benton Harbor, Mich., won by disqualification
over the Shadow, 263, at 4:52. The Shadow was penalized by
Referee Izzy Moidel for punching with a foreign object in his
 The Kangaroos, Roy Heffernan and Al Costello, scored
a fall over Ace Freeman and Argentine Apollo to win the tag
team match at 10:14.
 In other matches, Baron Gattoni, Piamonti, Italy, 310,
pinned Jerry Dorsey, Toronto, Ont., 230, at 7:52 and Ivan Zukoff,
Moscow, 230, at 2:03 in a handicap event; Duke Hoffman,
Omaha, 250, felled Tommy O'Toole, Phoenix, 245, at 15:53;
John DeFazio, Mt. Washington, 218, used a cradle hold to flop
Bull Johnson, Winnipeg, Can., 227, at 12:23 and Frank Holtz,
Carnegie, 223, flipped Wild Bill Scholl, Columbus, O., 230,
with a body slam at 10:11.