Monday December 4, 1961
6 Man Tag-Team Battle
Antonino Rocca
Johnny Valentine
Ace Freeman
Crusher Lisowski
Kangaroo No. 1
Kangaroo No. 2

Alexander Kostopoulos
Angelo Savoldi

Carlos Milano v.s Mickey Sharp

Ken Lucas v.s. Zivko Kovacic

Bearcat Wright v.s. Skull Murphy

The Bone Cracker v.s. Gypsy Joe

Haystack Calhoun v.s. The Sicillians

Fuzzy Cupid & Pee Wee James
Pancho Lopez & Farmer Pete
The following newspaper article comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
It is posted here for historical preservational purposes only.

December 5, 1961

Crusher's Team Cops Tag Match

Officials Vote against Rocco Crew at Arena

By Jimmy Miller

It was a wild and confusing finish to the wrestling show at the Civic
Auditorium last night.

While Roy Heffernan was pinning  Ace Freeman, Argentine Rocco
was making Crusher Lisowski yell quits for the deciding fall of the
six-man tag team match. However the officials voted the fall to the
team of the Crusher and the Kangaroos - Heffernan and Al Costello -
at 4:44.

The winners also won the first fall at 15:21 with Rocco, Johnny Valentine
and Freeman scoring the second at 5:04.

Bearcat Wright, Kingston Jamaica, 253, won over Skull Murphy, Cork
Island, 245, at 11:37.

A crowd of about 7,100 paid a gross of $20,123.60 to watch the show.

In the midget tag match Pancho Lopez and Farmer Pete scored two
falls over Fuzzy Cupid and Pee Wee James. The latter duo came up with
the first fall but Lopez and Pete gained the other two.

Haystack Calhoun, 601-pounder, from Morgan's Corner, Ark., pinned
the Sicillians at 7:21.

Alexander Kostopoulos, 238, of Athens, Greece, threw Angelo Savoldi,
Hoboken, N.J., 241, with a Boston Crab at 5:47.

In other prelims, Carlos Milano, Hoboken, N.J., 212, used a reverse crab
to pin Mickey Sharp, Houston, 205, at 10:03; Zivko Kovachic, Northside,
220, took the wind out of Ken Lucas, Phoenix, 210, with a body slam
at 8:47 and "The Bonecracker," 215, used up only 44 seconds in making
Gypsy Joe, 220, submit with a full nelson.