After the new Castle set was introduced on Chiller
Theater in 1976 Bill Cardille brought us new characters
who would come to be known as the Chiller Theater
Norman Elder as Norman The Castle Keeper
Donna Rae as Terminal Stare
Steve Luncinski as Stefan The Castle Prankster
Joyce Sterling as Sister Susie
Bonnie Barney as Georgette The Fudgemaker
From Left to Right,
Back Row:
Sister Susie
Chilly Billy
Terminal Stare
From Left to Right,
Front Row:
Norman The Castle Keeper
Stefan The Castle Prankster
Happy Halloween 1977!
Pictured From Left To Right:
Terminal Stare, Sister Susie, Norman The Castle Keeper,
Chilly Billy Cardille, Stefan The Castle Prankster.
Chiller Theater has a "prime
time" special in 1977. The first
movie shown that Saturday
night is "
Dracula Has Risen
From The Grave
". Following the
11:00 p.m. news "
Colossus: The
Forbin Project
" and "Black
" are shown.
Happy Halloween

From left to right:
Georgette the
Chilly Billy,
Terminal Stare
Thank you to Chiller Theater fan Gary Dile for his tribute to
OUR FRIEND Norman Elder!