Here are some "behind the scenes"
photos of Bill Cardille during the
filming of WPXI / WIIC's
50th Anniversary Special!
Chilly was interviewed at a production studio
located not far from the Channel 11 studios.
Bill Cardille and WPXI
Executive Producer
Brian Leopold.
Bill Cardille and former
Lou Vlahos.
Chilly, Brian, and the
production crew.
Bill Cardille returns to the WIIC / WPXI studios
for some additional filming for the
50th Anniversary special.
Chilly stands in the space where
he began his "21 steps" on the
earliest years of Chiller Theatre.
Chilly Billy in the studio
where Studio Wrestling
and Chiller Theater (Lab)
were broadcast.
Bill Cardille on the news set!
Bill Cardille and
Chiller Theater Memorie's
John Buriak.
Bill Cardille and
WPXI's George Parfitt.
Chilly Billy at the
original WIIC
studio organ!
Bill Cardille at the original
studio light board used
back in 1957!
Up on the roof
of the WPXI studios
where Bill Cardille
use to broadcast
"The Weather Outside"!
Bill Cardille with
Chiller Theater Memorie's
John Buriak
Thanks For The Memories!
We hope this isn't
Chilly's last visit
at the WIIC / WPXI